Northwest Native Designs

When Ernie Apodaca began his business, he created a website which has now become an extensive collection of his work.  You are welcome to view more images.


Cynthia Downs, Jewelry

Cynthia’s design process centers around the stone.  “Sometimes the stone may command a more elaborate setting to tell its story.  However, there are times it’s really all about the beauty of the stone itself, and therefore, is presented with simplicity and elegance.”  Her design process is intuitive and spontaneous and has evolved along with her skills to create unique and haunting one-of-a-kind work.


Raven Redfox Studio

Contemporary imagery, brash colors and spiritual iconography make up the essence of Raven’s strong and vibrant acrylic paintings.  History and culture are not lost here.  The viewer often finds themselves lost within the framework of multiple scenes, random graphic juxtapositions working alongside the venerate cultural and historical collective narrative.


Pat Wozniak Art

From a young age I have been drawn to Horses. Their overpowering beauty and nobility can only inspire. Using that inspiration I tend to draw and paint what I want others to see in a person, animal or image and to make it touch-ably real... unless it is a stylized work like my calligraphy or line and wash images.

Odin Lonning

Odin Lonning (Tlingit name SH NOW TAAN) was born in Juneau, Alaka in 1953. He is Woosh Ke Taan (Eagle and Shark) clan through his Tlingit mother. He is named after his Norwegian father.

Odin now lives on Vashon Island near Seattle, where he works on Multiple projects and private commisions. He does cultural presentations with his fiancee for nonprofit groups, museums, schools, gallaries, and treatment centers. He also works with Northwest Native Designs, a custom leather furniture company employing the talents of many native artists. gazine featured Odin's furniture design.